NoteWorthy to MusicXML converter

Enter a NWCtxt tune in the text area or use the browse button to upload a NWC 2.75 or NWCtxt file then press "Convert to MusicXML",
you'll be prompted to download a MusicXML file if the conversion is successful.
To get a NWCtxt file, you need Noteworthy Composer. Go to File > Save As... and choose NWC Text File.
The converter now supports NWC files as well, if they have been created with Noteworthy Composer 2.75.

Please report any issue. The converter code is open source.

Choose a NWC file…
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Contact me : or @lasconic
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Supported features:
  • Multiple staves & voices, invisible staff not exported
  • Notes, rests, accidentals, dots, time signature
  • Key signature (not the customized ones)
  • Clefs included octave shift
  • Tie & slurs, triplets
  • Line breaks
  • Lyrics
  • Metadata: Title, author, lyricist, copyright1
  • Staccato, tenuto & accent, noteheads
  • Dynamics (mf, p ...) & custom texts
  • Midi info for staff
  • Flow control : Coda, Segno, voltas...
Not supported (yet?). Any priority? Contact me.
  • Chord symbols, grace notes
  • Dynamic variation
  • Layout information
Thanks to Noteworthy software.
They give me a free license for testing purpose.